Mike Doughty

Principal, Regional Commissioner

Idea guy, team builder and ardent supporter of SeaTac youth, Mike Doughty, is an Aston Villa fan and father of a Doritos eating teenager and husband to a woman that is just a little too smart for him.  Mike is an an avid student of soccer and youth education and brings these passions to bear in his role as Principal at SeaTac United Youth Academy.


Mike grew up in Spokane, starting his storied career at KFC before being called up to the big leagues – Chuck E Cheese.  Next he went to University of WA, earning an Aeronautical Engineering degree. Then became a pilot in the USAF where he met his wife, Lisa.  Finally he landed in SeaTac and is now flying for Alaska Airlines.  


Then came his son, Jack, who started playing soccer and chess when he was 3.  Mike saw how quickly his son could learn with proper instruction.  This was where the light turned on for Mike. Be sure you have a lot of time if he asks if you have 2 minutes.  He means 30.


Cesar Cabral

Coach Administrator

I was born on a small Portuguese island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. In Portugal kids are born with a soccer ball and grow up in a strong soccer culture, I believe it is in my blood. I moved to the United States with my family when I was sixteen years old. It felt like starting over, learning a new language and a much different culture. My dreams of playing soccer changed with the birth of my first son just before my high school graduation. My only priority was to provide for my son. I moved to Seattle from Yakima in search of a better life and started working at SeaTac airport where I met my wife. Since then we have brought three more sons into this world and my dreams of playing soccer shifted to dreams of sharing my passion with my boys. I have been coaching since 2006 have come to love teaching the beautiful game. I love this club! A place where everyone is accepted no matter where they are from. Immigrating to a new country is hard, it’s hard to know where you belong. It is my dream to create a soccer culture in this club where all children can feel accepted and have somewhere to belong. When I’m not coaching soccer I work the graveyard shift at the airport and spend my free moments with my family. Camping, cooking, grilling or watching soccer. I follow several soccer leagues, especially the English Premiership and the MLS. My favorite soccer team since childhood has been the Portuguese FC Porto team and the Portuguese National Team of my homeland will always be first in my heart. My boys were born under the Stars and Stripes so the US National Team also has my support. I am a soccer player, a soccer coach but, most of all I am a soccer fan.

Paris Waddill

Referee Administrator

A fifth-generation Pacific Northwest native, Paris first developed a love of “fútbol” while living in South America from 1997-1999. Experiencing the energy and passion for “The Beautiful Game” first-hand during the 1998 World Cup season left him irreparably hooked on soccer.
While his day job as an Architectural Sales Manager for a manufacturer pays the bills, Paris really only works so he can travel, scuba dive, buy Sounders FC season tickets, and enjoy everything else the Northwest has to offer. When work isn’t getting in the way, you can usually find him somewhere outdoors with at least one of this three dogs, Butters, Tweek, and Luna.
With a passion for and successful history of organizing, developing, and leading high performance teams, Paris is very enthusiastic about the potential for SeaTac United’s referee program. His personal mission is to help our young volunteers develop as responsible, capable, and detail-oriented young adults, while enjoying the game from the unique perspective of the referee. With a focus on keeping the game fun, safe, and fair, Paris is helping our volunteer referees develop skills that will hopefully benefit them for the rest of their lives.