SeaTac United is partnering with the NPSA Foundation to offer a new soccer program!

NPSA SeaTac is geared for youth to develop their soccer skills and understanding of the game through professionally-coached training and in house game play. Our program not only develops youth on the soccer field but also educates them on important life skills that they can use in everyday life i.e. discipline, respect, communication, work ethic, etc. We offer 3 hours of soccer per week, with practices on Mondays and games on Saturdays.

At the end of the Spring season NPSA SeaTac will host Premier Soccer tryouts – see details below.

Everyone Plays!!

Scholarships for residents and non-residents are available. The link for resident scholarships are below. Non-resident scholarships are available by calling 206.973.4680 or going into the SeaTac Community Center.



For Spring 2018 players are authorized to wear the current or any past SeaTac United uniform.  Starting Summer 2018 we will be transitioning to the new NPSA SeaTac uniform.

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Changes from past seasons:

Professionally Coached – NPSA brings their coaches to give your kids top notch training
Two 90 minute days, instead of three 60 minute days – more efficient and productive training
Boys and girls separated, as able – allows girls to a better chance to blossom
In-house Games – we control all aspects of play so as to tune it best to learning and advancement
Premier Soccer – players looking for more challenging play in the PSPL Premier league


Spring Season 

Dates: March 26-May 19
Schedule: Mondays, 5-6:30pm, 2009-2011
6:30-8pm, birth years 2006-2008
Saturdays, 2-3:30pm, 2009-2011
3:30-5pm, birth years 2006-2008
Younger and older kids will be added in future seasons
Location: Sunset Park (Valley ridge Under Repair)
Cost: $79  — Uniforms: current SeaTac United uniforms 
Deadline to Register: March 23
Mondays will be training sessions focused on developing the players’ fundamental skill base and understanding of the game.
Saturdays will be small-sided scrimmages to give the players the opportunity to implement what have they have learned.

to register click here:

Register for Spring

or call (206) 973-4680

Summer Season

Dates: July 9-Sep 1
Schedule: Mondays, 5-6:30pm 2009-2011
6:30-8pm 2006-2008
Saturdays, 2-3:30pm 2009-2011
3:30-5pm 2006-2008
Location: Valley Ridge
Deadline to Register: July 1st
Cost: $79  Uniform: NPSA SeaTac kit
Same format as the Spring Session for the Rec players – Training on Mondays, Scrimmaging on Saturdays.

to register click here:

Register for Summer

or call (206) 973-4680

Fall Season

Duration: 8 weeks
Dates: Sep 10-Nov 3
Schedule: Mondays, 5-6:30pm 2009-2011
6:30-8pm 2006-2008
Saturdays, 2-3:30pm 2009-2011
3:30-5pm 2006-2008
Location: Valley Ridge
Deadline to Register: Sep 1st
Cost: $79. Uniform: NPSA SeaTac kit

to register click here:

Register for Fall

or call (206) 973-4680


Premier Team Tryouts for Fall Season

Dates: May 30-June 9
Schedule: Wednesday May 30 & June 6, 5-6:30pm – 2009-2011 Boys
6:30-8pm – 2006-2008 Boys
Saturday June 2 & June 9, 5-6:30pm – 2009-2011 Girls
6:30-8pm – 2006-2008 Girls
Location: Valley Ridge
Cost: $15 per player
These tryouts are for players that want to compete at a higher level than Rec. The teams that we form will play in the PSPL lowest division in Fall Season.
We will only form teams if we have enough players to make a competitive roster in any age group/gender
If there are individuals that are ready but we don’t have enough to make a team, we can offer that player an opportunity to join a NPSA Titans Premier team at his/her age group.
We will continue to provide a training program and in-house games for the Rec players in Fall.
The Premier teams will train with their specific coach once a week and play games on the weekend.

Premier Teams Formed: By June 15
Registration Deadline: By June 22
Team Meetings: Sunday June 24 @ TBD
First Team Training Session: Wed July 11


Premier Teams Season Outline
Duration: 18 weeks
Dates: July 11-Nov 11
Schedule: Wednesdays, 5-6:30pm
Saturdays, 2-3:30pm
Location: Valley Ridge
Fall League Season: Early Sep-Early Nov
Game Schedule: Saturdays or Sundays
Game Location: Depends on age of team and league schedule
Cost: $500 (Scholarships available – Everyone Plays)


make it so

Everyone Plays

SeaTac Recreational Scholarships

Qualifying SeaTac Residents can save 20-70% off the cost of SeaTac United programs. Click on the button to the left to be directed to the form. Follow the directions and apply early as it may take up to 2 weeks to get approval.

Apply for SeaTac Resident Scholarship

Non-SeaTac Residents Scholars

We also offer assistance to non-SeaTac Residents.

Ask for more information at the SeaTac Community Center

(or call 206.973.4680).